Le projet


A bicycle journey through Easter Europe to go meet grand-mothers and collect their traditional recipes and culinary knowledge.


Two friends from university, recently graduated, eager to travel and discover their own continent, its traditional secrets and recipes well-kept by its grand-mothers.


A journey through Europe planned for the spring 2014


From Berlin to Constant, from the heart of Europe to its borders, through Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.


  • To discover, collect and share European immaterial heritage (home cooking)

  • To allow the diffusion of « recipes prone to extinction »

  • Share grand-mothers lives, their stories, their way of life and the changes they witnessed. Create and promote intergenerational exchanges.

  • Gather testimonies and recipes that will be shared on our website, during exhibitions, encounters and workshops upon our return.


  • With an eco-friendly and universal mean of transport: the bike.

    Allowing us to take time to encounter people, go freely and access remote villages and areas.

  • How to meet up this family and grand-mothers ?

    By being host by the locals through encounters but also travelers websites such as « couch surfing », « warmeshower »

    By contacting local associations (researchs before departure on internet and through personal local contacts)

    By using French Institutions as intermediaries (French Institutes, Alliance Française)

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