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Born in Auvergne, France, Lucie studied management of cultural project in Grenoble (Sciences Po) and is now living in Berlin since 2010. It’s on a bike that she explore the city, where she studies, works and experiment in the movie making industry.

Her favorite ingredients? Lemon, basil, sesame, lentils and Saint-Nectaire cheese from her childhood. Every day, Lucie cooks for her house mates, some french, german and european to their great happiness.

Her favorite artists ? The French writter Boris Vian, the film makers Kusturica and Michel Gondry and the graphic novels’ drawers Sempé, Marjane Satrapi, Craig Thompson, Joann Sfar. She spends lots of time a camera at her arm (traditional cameras and polaroid) or a paintrbrush in the hand. Some examples of her creation can be found here http://luciemorvan.tumblr.com/ (with extracts from her travel book to Cuba).

She is not afraid to travel far on a bike : she likes backpacking adventure, she trained every day and she is in great company !



She is the sportive one, the expert in outdoor activities of all kind : mountain treks, bicycle trips, rock climbing. She is used to camping, reading maps and itinerary organization. A lover of hiking, she already went for multiple days hikes in Sweden Lapland, in Scotland and Morrocco.

She is a budding mechanic with a new hobby : finding old bikes in attic sales and fixing them. A passion of great help for four months journey to come !

She lived one year in Canada and is coming back from one year in Rwanda. Two cultural experiences very different and rewarding. What struck her the most was the different relations to cooking, food, meals sharing and the diversity of tastes.

She is a big lover of graphic novel and like Lucie she likes spending time drawing during walks, trips and wrote since she was 10 travel books for each of her trip.

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