After our journey – Sharing

Throughout our trip, we will update progress in our project on a regular basis through our website and contact in medias.

After our return, we plan to share our findings on home cooking traditions by puting together a book that will be a mix between a travel and a recipe book in which we will present our cook through life stories and presentation of their environment. The book will include drawing, photos and texts.

We will also set up an itinerary exhibition sharing the testimonies collected through videos, photography, drawing. Products and recipes collected during our journey will also be on display (tasting). During the exhibitions we will also invite families from the countries visited to come and testify about their relation to their home country cooking in France.


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    1. Cantore Alain
      Cantore Alain at · Reply

      La famille Benacchio (amis de vos parents)m’a envoyé votre site.
      Seriez-vous intéressées par une participation à un festival cool dans le Larzac fin juillet, ayant pour thème;” éloge du voyage lent”?
      Si oui, me le dire et je ferai l’intermédiaire avec le président du festival qui est un ami.
      Bonne continuation.

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